Short Stories

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Levi Tannenbaum, undead for 800 years, is the world’s only Jewish vampire. He and his human wife, Nechama, have been trying to have a baby ever since they got married with no luck.  Will they be blessed with a child — like Sarah and Abraham — during this final cycle before they move on to donor insemination; a child who is part-Levi and part-Nechama, to bring him generations of comfort in his eternity long after his beloved wife is gone?

If you had told me when I was a little girl that I would grow up to marry a vampire I would have told you that you were meshugenah. Crazy in the head. Who has ever heard of such a thing – a Jewish vampire? Everyone knows that vampires are Christian; Protestants at that.

Except that is my luck. I would find the one Jewish vampire, fall in love with the one Jewish vampire, and marry the one Jewish vampire. Not the one Jewish vampire in all of Brooklyn, but the one Jewish vampire in all the world.

Levi Tannenbaum, my heart, undead for over 800 years, pretends to sleep next to me every night except for the days of nidah, a time each month of Jewish ritual separation that occurs whenever I have my period.

We have not been blessed yet with children, though not for lack of trying…

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